Meet the SEAkers team

Nate Morley
Creative Advisor

Nate is a veteran creative marketer crafting highly successful creative and digital strategies for the likes of: Nike, Samsung, ESPN, Target, Stance, Skullcandy, Quiksilver, Activision, Coke, Red Bull, DC Shoes, NBA, Neff, Old Navy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Monster, Roc Nation and Nissan

Ken Cheng
Head of Conversion

For over 13 years, Ken has been leading sales operations, traditional and digital marketing initiatives. Ken continually goes out his way for clients to develop innovative solutions to meet goals and budgets while maximizing sales volume and transforming market position/perception.

Rafal Koszyk

Rafal has over 16 years of development experience. He has built and scaled technology solutions for of the largest corporations and brands in the world, which have been accessed by millions of people worldwide. His vast experience helps companies small and large boost the speed, functionality and overall quality of their digital platforms.

Strahil Hadzhiev
Head of Design

Strahil is focused on designing and developing engaging brand experiences, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and interaction. He has brand experience with: 20th Century Fox, Disney Studios, Sony Vaio, Gatorade, Nikon, Infiniti, Nissan, Lionsgate, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Nikon and others.

Sarah Brady

Sarah develops brand and blog content from the initial idea stages to final polished copy, coordinating with web and graphic design specialists for ideal SEO optimization and appealing aesthetics. She helps clients hone their vision with effective writing pieces that stem from audience-driven research.

Shant Yegparian
Social Media Strategist

Shant is a lead generation & social media strategist. He’s helped companies triple their revenue by enhancing their social media presence and has helped others build six and seven figure businesses from scratch. He enjoys helping clients get more brandy loyalty and awareness from their local neighborhood to world-wide recognition.