General, Tips / 05 Jul 2017
Justin Baldoni – Interview by Brendan Kane

Podcast Intro:

Welcome to the SEAker’s podcast, where we have conversations with the world’s best entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and celebrities on how they were able to scale, expand and accelerate their brand, business and influence. For today’s episode, we discuss creative success and perseverance with Justin Baldoni. Many know him as Rafael on the CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin, but that is honestly such a small portion of who Justin is. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the past year and can say with certainty that he is a fascinating and talented individual. In our conversation, we plunge first and foremost into Justin’s acting career and how he got started. He expands on the trials and tribulations that led him to a breaking point where he questioned why he was acting. Then, we move on to how he transitioned himself and his career to starting a new production company called Wayfarer, as well as the projects he’s currently developing in a directing, writing and producing role. One of these is another popular show on the CW that he created called My Last Days, which is a truly remarkable and inspirational docuseries following individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness. I highly recommend you check that and the rest of Justin Baldoni’s work out.

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