General, Tips / 18 May 2017
Dr Drew – Interview by Brendan Kane

Podcast Intro:

Welcome to the SEAker’s podcast, where we have conversations with the world’s best entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and celebrities on how they were able to scale, expand and accelerate their brand, business and influence. Our guest today is Dr. Drew Pinsky. The first time I was exposed to Dr. Drew was watching Loveline on MTV with Adam Carolla. Since then, he has been on every show imaginable, accruing over 144 credits on IMDB alone. Essentially, he has become America’s doctor with admiring fans around the globe. Dr. Drew has been featured on networks from CNN to Oprah, not to mention having his own show on HLN and appearing in Adam Sandler’s 2017 production Sandy Wexler. In this episode, we dive into his expertise in many different areas. We discuss the psychology of becoming successful, what holds people back from success and how to find your true calling in life. We also explore the topic of addiction. Dr. Drew is one of the foremost experts on substance abuse and demonstrated his commitment to speaking out about the brain disease on his show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He gives his advice on what to do if you or a loved one is suffering from some form of addiction. You can get even more insight into health and addiction by listening to his illuminating podcast, This Life, which I had the pleasure of sitting in on while a friend was being interviewed. I can’t wait to hear your feedback on our enlightening conversation.

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